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The Beulah Project "Empowering people and communities through health education, arts, media and law." Copyright 2018
Stanford L. Warren Library in Durham 
Mayor Bill Bell responds to questions.
Dr. Jonathan Livingston, Associate Professor of Psychology at N.C. Central University explains the psychological affects of poverty and crime in distressed communities.
Entrepreneurship expert Katie Gailes explains the need for low-wage earners to become entrepreneurs. 
Attorney Daniel Bowes of Legal Aid of N.C. explains some of the legal issues facing residents of distressed communities.      
Ashley Barber of Carolina Outreach, L.L.C. addressing some of the mental health issues facing residents of distressed communities   
Nate Crosby, a graduate student at N.C. Central University talks about his research on how best to integrate ex-offenders back into society.
Social Media Manager Quintin Murphy explains the importance of social media as an empowerment tool. 
MDF Program Host Kera Allen introducing presenters. 
Beulah Project, Inc. Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator Carolyn Sumpter makes appeal for volunteers and contributions. 
Move Durham Forward Panel Discussion and Empowerment Workshop Series
"Empowering people and communities
 through health education, arts, media and law."
Move Durham Forward is a grassroots effort to empower Durham's urban community by connecting the most vulnerable citizens, to the people, services and information that could transform their lives. 

Concerned stakeholders from the local community have an opportunity voice their opinion, and share concerns directly with city officials, educators and those who head the agencies geared to responding to the needs of distressed communities. The goal of the panel discussions and workshops is to empower those who reside in distressed communities by connecting them with the services, resources, and people who can assist them in improving their lives. 

The periodic panel discussions and workshops focus on mental and physical health topics, societal issues, education topics, career development and senior issues. To schedule a Move Durham Forward Panel Discussion and Empowerment Workshop email: info@beulahproject.org or call 919-824-9873.