Beulah Project Documentary and Performing Arts Collaborative 
The Beulah Project Documentary and Performing Arts Collaborative (BPDPAC) is a community-based initiative to empower teens in distressed communities by teaching them the skills necessary to create compelling documentaries and to develop their creative performing talents. Teens who display an affinity for either the documentary or performing arts will be offered an opportunity to participate in the “Imagine If...” Mentor/Mentee program.
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"Imagine If…" Mentor/Mentee Program 
There is much to be gained from providing real life role models for youth to emulate and aspire to. One of the goals of the Beulah Project's Documentary and Performing Arts Collaborative (BPDPAC) is to transition participants into the “Imagine If...”Mentor/Mentee program.

The purpose of the “Imagine If...” Mentor/Mentee Program is to boost the self-esteem of teens by connecting them with successful community members who by their example display the character and work ethic that will serve to motivate and inspire program participants. By focusing on the everyday contributions of successful community members, participants will utilize their newfound skills in documentary filmmaking, recording and photography to document their experiences and thereby reinforcing their learning experiences with their community member/mentor.

Finally, The “Imagine If...” Mentor/Mentee program encourages young people to dare to dream while deriving substantive and tangible benefits by building a mentor/mentee relationship with a concerned community member who potentially becomes a suitable, positive role model in their daily lives.
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Move Durham Forward Panel Discussion  

Move Durham Forward is a grassroots effort to empower the urban community by connecting the most vulnerable citizens, to the people, services and information that could transform their lives. 

Concerned stakeholders from the local community have an opportunity voice their opinion, and share concerns directly with city officials, educators and those who head the agencies geared to responding to the needs of distressed communities. The goal of the panel discussions and workshops is to empower those who reside in distressed communities by connecting them with the services, resources, and people who can assist them in improving their lives. 

The periodic panel discussions and workshops focus on mental and physical health topics, societal issues, education topics, career development and senior issues. To schedule a Move Durham Forward Panel Discussion and Empowerment Workshop email: or call 919-824-9873. 
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